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Master the Art of Balance: Norst's Epic 30-Day Challenge to Spice Up Your Fitness Journey!

by Norst 13 Oct 2023 0 Comments
Master the Art of Balance: Norst's Epic 30-Day Challenge to Spice Up Your Fitness Journey!

Norst's 30-Move Balance Challenge

Step onto the world of balance like never before—with a spicy twist! Norst's 30-Day Balance Challenge isn't just about finding your equilibrium; it's about embracing varying degrees of challenge, much like the tantalizing spectrum of spiciness in your favorite dishes. From the mild beginnings to the scorching climaxes, this journey mirrors the unpredictable nature of balance itself. Whether you're a seasoned balancer or someone dipping their toes into the world of equilibrium, there's a flavor of challenge waiting for you each day. Dive in and savor the zest of every move, and remember, it's not just about the heat—it's about the journey of balance. Ready to turn up the heat?

Feel free to adjust each day to your taste!

Challenge yourself to improve balance, core strength, and coordination with Norst's Balance Board. Dive in and let’s get started!


30 Balance Board Moves To Learn

Day 1
: Introduction to Balance


  • Activity: Simply stand on the board for 1 minute.
  • Tip: Focus on a point ahead of you to maintain balance.

Day 2: Shift & Balance

  • Activity: Shift weight from left to right foot for 1 minute.
  • Tip: Engage your core muscles.

Day 3: Eyes Closed

  • Activity: Stand still on the board with your eyes closed for 30 seconds.
  • Tip: Feel the board with your feet and be present.

Day 4: Single Leg Balance

  • Activity: Stand on one foot for 30 seconds each.
  • Tip: Hold onto something if necessary.

Day 5: Dynamic Squats

  • Activity: Do 10 squats while maintaining balance.
  • Tip: Keep your back straight.

Day 6: Clock Balance

  • Activity: Pretend your board is the face of a clock. Shift your weight towards each "hour".
  • Tip: Move slowly and deliberately.

Day 7: Balance Break

  • Activity: Reflect on your progress.
  • Tip: Share your experience on social media with #NorstBalanceChallenge.

Day 8: Plank on Board

  • Activity: Get into a plank position with your hands on the board for 30 seconds.
  • Tip: Keep your body in a straight line.

Day 9: Reverse Clock Balance

  • Activity: Shift your weight around the clock in the opposite direction.
  • Tip: Maintain a slight bend in your knees.

Day 10: Balancing Lunge

  • Activity: Place one foot on the board and lunge forward, do 10 for each leg.
  • Tip: Keep your front knee above your ankle.

Day 11: Eyes Closed with Movements

  • Activity: Stand with eyes closed and slowly shift weight from left to right.
  • Tip: Use your arms for additional balance.

Day 12: Jump & Land

  • Activity: Gently jump off the board and land back on it. Repeat 10 times.
  • Tip: Start with small jumps.

Day 13: Yoga Pose – Tree Pose

  • Activity: Attempt the Tree Pose on the balance board.
  • Tip: Focus on your breath.

Day 14: Push-up Balance

  • Activity: Try doing 10 push-ups with hands on the board.
  • Tip: Engage your core for stability.

Day 15: Mid-Challenge Reflection

  • Activity: Journal or share your progress.
  • Tip: Celebrate your achievements!

Day 16: Squat Hold

  • Activity: Hold a squat on the board for 30 seconds.
  • Tip: Extend your arms forward for better balance.

Day 17: Toe & Heel Lifts

  • Activity: Lift toes, then heels while balancing. Do 10 reps.
  • Tip: Feel the stretch in your calves.

Day 18: Twist & Balance

  • Activity: Twist your torso left and right while maintaining balance. 10 reps each side.
  • Tip: Keep hips steady.

Day 19: Single Leg Balance – Eyes Closed

  • Activity: Stand on one foot with eyes closed for 15 seconds each.
  • Tip: Trust your senses.

Day 20: Dynamic Plank

  • Activity: Plank with hands on board, rotate board left and right. 10 reps.
  • Tip: Keep your body aligned.

Day 21: Pop & Catch

  • Activity: Gently pop the board up with feet and catch it again. Repeat 10 times.
  • Tip: Stay light on your feet.

Day 22: Side Lunges

  • Activity: Lunge to each side while one foot remains on the board. 10 reps each side.
  • Tip: Push hips back as you lunge.

Day 23: Yoga Pose – Warrior III

  • Activity: Attempt the Warrior III Pose on the balance board.
  • Tip: Fix your gaze on one point.

Day 24: Board Flips

  • Activity: Flip the board and try to land back on it. Start with quarter flips.
  • Tip: Commit to the motion.

Day 25: High Knees Balance

  • Activity: Lift knees high while balancing, alternate legs. 1 minute.
  • Tip: Use your core for stability.

Day 26: Eyes Closed Dynamic Squats

  • Activity: With eyes closed, do 10 squats.
  • Tip: Keep weight in heels.

Day 27: Burpees with Board

  • Activity: Incorporate board in a burpee sequence. 10 reps.
  • Tip: Keep movements controlled.

Day 28: Board Walk

  • Activity: Walk your hands across the board in plank position. 10 reps.
  • Tip: Move hand-over-hand.

Day 29: Final Reflection

  • Activity: Assess your improved balance skills.
  • Tip: Note areas of significant progress.

Day 30: Free Flow Balance

  • Activity: Freestyle on the board. Create your own sequence using learned skills.
  • Tip: Celebrate your journey. Share your freestyle routine using #NorstBalanceChallenge!

Ah, the age-old debate of bouldering and climbing grading! You know, I've always said that grading a climb is a lot like rating the spiciness of a salsa: one person's 'mild' is another's 'scorching hot'. Some climbers breeze through a V6 while others get stuck on a V3 labeled as a 'friendly challenge'. And let's not even get started on that "easy" 5.10 route which felt more like navigating the stock market on a volatile day. I guess, in the end, the only consistent grade in climbing might just be the grade of sweat on our brows and the burning passion in our hearts!

How do we grade these balance board moves?

Day 1: Introduction to Balance - Mild (Just dipping your chips in).
Day 2: Shift & Balance - Mild with a hint of kick (A slight tingle on the tongue).
Day 3: Eyes Closed - Medium (The salsa’s starting to work its magic).
Day 4: Single Leg Balance - Medium-Hot (There's a noticeable zing now).
Day 5: Dynamic Squats - Hot (You might want some water).
Day 6: Clock Balance - Medium (Feeling the rhythm of the spice).
Day 7: Balance Break - Cool-down (Like a fresh cucumber slice).
Day 8: Plank on Board - Medium-Hot (Feeling the heat on your palms too).
Day 9: Reverse Clock Balance - Medium (Dancing back in time).
Day 10: Balancing Lunge - Hot (Spices are definitely kicking in).
Day 11: Eyes Closed with Movements - Medium-Hot (Juggling spice with style).
Day 12: Jump & Land - Very Hot (Hold onto your hat!).
Day 13: Yoga Pose – Tree Pose - Medium (Balancing the heat with zen).
Day 14: Push-up Balance - Hot (Spice with a side of muscle burn).
Day 15: Mid-Challenge Reflection - Warm (A gentle simmer).
Day 16: Squat Hold - Hot (A real fiery stance).
Day 17: Toe & Heel Lifts - Medium (Tip-toeing through the salsa).
Day 18: Twist & Balance - Medium-Hot (Spinning the spice dial).
Day 19: Single Leg Balance – Eyes Closed - Very Hot (It's a spicy mystery).
Day 20: Dynamic Plank - Hot (Rocking the spice boat).
Day 21: Pop & Catch - Scorching (A real tongue-twister).
Day 22: Side Lunges - Hot (Swaying side to side with the heat).
Day 23: Yoga Pose – Warrior III - Medium-Hot (A warrior's spicy stance).
Day 24: Board Flips - Scorching (Like biting into a hidden chili).
Day 25: High Knees Balance - Hot (Lifting the spice level).
Day 26: Eyes Closed Dynamic Squats - Very Hot (The unseen spice challenge).
Day 27: Burpees with Board - Scorching (Like a hot flash of flavor).
Day 28: Board Walk - Hot (A walk on the spicy side).
Day 29: Final Reflection - Warm (Reliving the spicy memories).
Day 30: Free Flow Balance - Inferno (Unpredictably, passionately spicy).

    Remember, spice levels, like climbing grades, are subjective. One person's "mild" might very well be another person's "inferno"!

    If you've made it through Norst's 30-Day Balance Challenge! Continue to incorporate these exercises into your routine and watch as your balance, coordination, and overall skills improve. Embrace the balance in life with Norst!

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