Norst originally established as an online action sports network in 2015, creating content to inspire and connect with long-time friends and lovers of outdoor pursuits. Norst was founded alongside the River Blackwater, East Anglia and now produces hand-finished snapbacks, surf tops and apparel.

In 2015, Norst hand stamped and finished the first snapback, going on to produce a limited range of performance and adventure apparel for global outdoors and action sports communities putting our products through their paces in the likes of Canada, Southeast Asia, Australia and United Arab Emirates.

Founded on the principals of ‘doing it yourself’ all of our products are hand finished in-house by Norst, allowing our team to employ real-world production skills to create, stitch and handstamp all of the goods we produce – offering independence to pursue passions.

For the last seven years, Norst has continued to grow as a global network of friends and family who push the idea of what is possible, from athletes to entrepreneurs and media producers all bounded by a symmetry of likeminded beliefs. 

Now, in 2022, our goal is to find and partner with local businesses and communities in East Anglia to grow and develop the Norst network by focusing on offline activation and local community projects. By doing so, we wish to help like-minded communities of action sports and outdoor pursuits in East Anglia grow and to connect with people who want to pursue their passions.

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