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About Us

Norst is a hand finished clothing & accessory company based in East Anglia, UK.

Norst products are crafted by our team in house and combine an affinity for the environment and action sports.

Norst partners with services providers to bridge the gap between sports and opportunities, sharing the stoke and introducing new experiences to an environmentally conscious community.

Experience Everything with Norst

"Norst operates under a transparent and sustainable supply-chain with in-house expertise to produce hand finished quality products. Our goal is to offer real-world opportunities back to the our community whilst teaching skills beyond sports to include media, business, production and craft skills. "
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Our Mission

Founded in 2015 Norst's mission is to nurture future generations of environmental sustainability by raising awareness through educational and informative connections between the sports and experiences with love and the natural world.

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Get in touch if you have any questions.

Email: dan@norst.co.uk

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